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Due to the overwhelming demand for electronic submissions from clients, we
have begun using a Talent Agent Software which interfaces with 800Casting,
a professional online portfolio containing more than 1,000 customizable fields.

We have chosen this software because of its ability to provide you, our talent,
with a complete and comprehensive means to showcase your skills to a wide
range of industry professionals at an unprecedented price.

As a member of the 800Casting network you are able to upload 10 images, 10 video reels, 10 voice-over files, organize your resume as well as print and email the same. The cost of the annual membership is $19.95 (all inclusive).

All personal information, including address, phone numbers and e-mail address
is strictly confidential.

Youíll be impressed with the well-designed, user-friendly environment that is thoroughly demonstrative of a talentís skills and capabilities. It will not take long to realize how this software in conjunction with our professional staff can benefit
your career.

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It is mandatory for all our talent to complete the 800Casting personal profile in
order that we may promote you electronically. Until then, talents who have registered will receive priority for all castings and bookings.

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